I build solutions for businesses

I have been an applications developer for more than 15 years. Creating solutions for small one-man operations all the way up to Fortune 500 businesses.


Web Applications

I build applications that suit your needs. How many times have you said "Is it possible to...?" Well, my response is "It is ALWAYS Possible!" Web technology today is enabling functionality in a web application that closely matches what you might find in a native program running on your computer. Take advantage of all that the web offers!


Desktop Appications

Sometimes the web isn't the right solution. I am always looking for the best solution for your problem and I will always focus on making it easy for you to use and cost-effective.



Here are some examples of projects that I have worked on recently...

Client Manager

CRM Database and front end to help local HVAC company manage their clients and sales pipeline

Data Entry

Data entry/project management application to allow Non-Profit to continue collecting important field data replacing legacy Excel workbooks.


Commissions calculation application for large local contractor.


Multiple business dashboards for multiple organizations. Managers love their dashboards!

Data Processing/Contract Compliance

Application to load and process small parcel billing data files and audit for contract compliance


API Integration with multiple 3rd party vendors


Contact me and lets have a conversation about how I can help your business problems!